The Changed Mind

Blinded by the lights of technology and a world racing ahead with new inventions, how many of us count the stars, find the constellations, watch the moon or simply contemplate the vastness of the heavens? The mysteries of the night, total blackness and the night creatures are no longer a major part of growing up.

Dyslexia – the Inside Story

We hear the term dyslexic and we know it has something to do with difficulty with print and language. Our children may be defined as dyslexic and have problems with spelling, reading, writing, organisation, numbers or sequence. So, what is it like to be dyslexic? Like the individuality of each human, it is enormously varied and presents differently in every person who is dyslexic. For one person the decoding of words for reading is the problem. For another the decoding is easy but comprehension is missing. The physical task of writing is hard for some and for others spelling correctly is the difficult part.