Learning Support

Learning Support at Hils is not for a specific diagnosis, such as ASD, Dyslexia, ADHD, etc. but to help children and their parents. It is a careful individualized approach of proven strategies and activities chosen specifically to target the child’s particular needs. First we need to understand your child, who may learn very differently from her siblings and peers. We all have our own personal learning styles.

Progress is what matters. Success is not only about school grades, awards, or praise. If we know that a child is making progress, then it is easier to believe that change can happen. It is easier to be positive. It is easier to celebrate every little step forward. It is easier to accept and value the child.

Our facilitators encourage the child to feel good about who she is, recognize what she can do and develop a healthy level of confidence by:

Believing that the child can make progress
Giving her time to fully understand
Providing a secure, calm environment, and nonjudgmental atmosphere
Adapting to the child’s unique learning style
Emphasizing the positive
Understanding and acknowledging the child’s strengths
Celebrating every success, no matter how small
Creating a safe environment for the child to make mistakes and enable her to learn from her mistakes