Training Programmes

The following is a list of our current training programmes.

Write to us at if you are interested in any of these training programmes. 

Shadow Aide/PLA Training & Certification

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This training course is  approved and certified by the British Psychological Society for Personal Learning Assistants (Shadow Aides). This course is open to individuals who are currently working as shadow aides or those who are interested in working as a shadow aide.

Teaching Reading to Special Needs Children

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This programme is designed to provide you with a strong foundation that will enable you to teach reading to special needs children more effectively. It is a practical workshop that includes role playing activities, interactive workshops, and simulations.

Spells to Spell



Spelling is an essential skill for academic success. In our workshop we will share a variety of ways to help spelling distress.


Picture Books Come Alive

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Picture books are an invaluable resource for supporting learning. Picture books will not only allow teachers to captivate their audience in the classroom but also work on a host of other key skills including:

  1. Social awareness

  2. Vocabulary expansion

  3. Creative writing

  4. Sequencing and Prediction

  5. Background knowledge

  6. Idea exploration

  7. Using the illustrations

Taking the Fear Out of Math


This course provides practical training for teaching math to children

  1. Enabling you to build a resource of techniques to teach math because the methods that you are familiar with may not be the way your child can learn
  2. To ease the pressure on the child by making math enjoyable and understandable.


Foundations of Learning

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Developing Memory for Learning through Games

Memory is a life skill we often take for granted. This workshop covers:

  1. What is memory and how it affects learning
  2. Different types of memory and the role each one plays in learning
  3. Practical and fun ways to develop and improve different forms of memory
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Listening and Attention

Active listening involves effort to hear and understand what people are saying. Paying attention is crucial to a child’s learning success. Learn how to help your child develop active listening and attention skills for learning.