Social Saturdays: Being a Good Social Communicator

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Social Saturdays: Being a Good Social Communicator


When: 27th January, 3rd & 10th February (Saturdays)
Time: 9am-12pm
How Much: RM 450* (including 6% GST and parent consultation)

We are back with more Social Saturdays! We will focus on the intricacies of social communication and interaction. It will use concepts developed by Michelle Garcia Winner to help your child become a better social communicator and gain confidence and skills to interact with other people.

Each session includes:

  • 2.5 hours (9 -11.30 am) dedicated to learning Social Thinking® concepts, games, and group activities

  • A 30-minute (11.30 – 12 pm) parent consultation session to enable your child to carry forward concepts learnt during the workshop

* For those participants that are not former or present students of Hils Learning, there is a 20 minute chat, free of charge, with your child to get to know them. Please contact us to schedule the chat at 03 6203-0029 or email us at

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