Language disorders and behaviour problems in children with ADHD

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Language disorders and behaviour problems in children with ADHD


About Susan Hollar

Susan Hollar, a licensed pediatric speech/language pathologist and certified RDI consultant, is ownder of Hllar Pediatric Speech and Language. She teaches at the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, CAlifornia State University, Northridge.

Mrs. Hollar is the 2009 recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the California Speech and Language Association. She is a frequent presenter at such conferences as the Back to School Autism Conference, Autism Society of America and California Speech and Language Assoociation as well as interviews on NPR Radio. 

Her background includes specialized fellowpship training in Clinical INtervention for children with Autism at Children's Hospital Los Angeles UAP in the Relationship Development Intervention by Steven Gutstein, Ph.D. for children with Autism where she trains other professionals in RDI and present parent workshops.

Recent publications include Communication deficits in Children with Oposconus-Ataxia Due to Childhood Neuroblastoma (Journal of Pediatrics) and Adequacy of Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities in the Los Angeles area. 

Mrs. Hollar is a proud parent of a teenager with the diagnosis of Autism. 

When:  2 October 2010

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