Reading Mastery Programme

A successful reader is one who can not only decode, but can also comprehend. We place much emphasis on our children being able to decode words, but what if they are unable to understand those words? Then wouldn’t reading seem a pointless task?

Hils offers a one-week Reading Mastery Programme, which comprises:

  1. A parent interview

  2. The Hils Discovery screening

  3. A pre-reading assessment prior to the commencement of the programme

  4. A total of 25 hours of contact time with a facilitator (5 consecutive days, 5 hours each day)

  5. Post-reading assessment after the completion of the programme

  6. Parent consultation

  7. A comprehensive take-home kit to reinforce learning

Our Reading Mastery Programme teaches children interactive ways to decode words, as well as ensuring that they grasp the meaning of each word. This programme will be catered individually to each child’s reading level and learning style based on the Hils Discovery Screening and pre-reading assessment.

The 25 hours of one-on-one time with a facilitator will include:

  • Kinaesthetic approaches using clay, wikistix, finger paints etc.

  • Auditory methods such as phonics and rhymes

  • Visual techniques to support the understanding and mastery of sight words (including words that are not phonetically sound)

  • Reading games to help consolidate and build reading confidence and fluency

  • Using an array of picture books to foster the child's interest and develop comprehension to consolidate reading

In order to measure progress, a post-reading assessment at the end of the programme is carried out. It is important to recognise that every child progresses at different rates, and therefore it is important to celebrate the smallest of successes.

We conclude the programme with a comprehensive parent consultation session to give parents tools to continue to build their child’s confidence in reading at home.

The take-home kit includes:

  1. A comprehensive report, which includes what the student has accomplished and how to continue to master the skills learned during the programme

  2. Small Steps, Big Differences by Hilary Craig, Founder of Hils Learning

  3. Two kooshballs

  4. A dictionary

  5. Two blocks of clay

  6. The Dolch Sight Word list