Filial Therapy

“Filial therapy is a relationship therapy in which the therapist uses the parents as the primary change agents for their own children.”  

- Rise Vanfleet

Goals of filial therapy: 

  1. Mitigate and resolve emotional and behavioural issues in children 

  2. Strengthen the parent-child bonds 

  3. Foster healthy psychosocial development of the child and family 

Parents learn 5 basic skills during filial therapy training: 

filial goals 2.jpg

How it works 

Parents receive training from a registered play therapist to conduct special non-directive play sessions with their children. Initial play sessions are held under the therapist's direct supervision. Once parents are competent and confident in conducting play sessions, the therapist supports them in transitioning to unsupervised play sessions at home. Eventually, the therapist supports parents in generalising skills and approaches they have adopted during the play sessions to the broader home environment.

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